Johnson County Community College
Regnier Bldg, 2nd Floor

Access SIG meeting 6:30 PM


May 18, 2011 - Two presentations.


Session #1 - Patrick N. Gorman will make a presentation for Access beginners. These are always interesting for those who have been using Access for many years because the entry level information is frequently a new capability in a newer version of Access. This presentation will focus on Features and benefits of data analysis with Access. Techniques with queries. Using Access 2010.


Biographical sketch for Patrick Gorman - Extensive experience and working knowledge of many technology solutions and software including HP servers and storage solutions, HP Blade technologies, HP-UX, Linux, VMware, Perl, MS-Access, Excel, Word, VISIO, Visual Basic, VBA, OpenView, ServiceGuard, HTML, .ASP, and ODBC. Holds an ITIL foundation certificate and expertise working in Configuration Management.


Session #2 - Earl Long - Creating Tables for Web Applications. An Introduction to Calculated Fields. Access 2010 introduces a new concept of calculated fields in tables. This allows the developer to move program and application logic out of forms and into the back-end Web server. Access 2010 has many new features that bridge the gap to easier Web based Access applications. This is just one of them.


Access SIG April 20, 2011

Lisa Friedrichsen: Presentation 1:  From Excel spreadsheet to Access relational database.  Importing the data is the easy part.  The problem is this - how do we move the data into a solid relational database design? Lisa Friedrichsen will start with a typical Excel spreadsheet of data, import it into Access, and go through the steps of how to redesign a single large table of data into a properly-designed relational database.


Curtis Wilson:Presentation 2:  Marquees, Scrolling Messages, and Flashing Labels.  (Tip 10 from the Access Solutions book).  Occasionally, you will need to add a few bells and whistles to an application to capture a user's attention.  This tip shows options on how to achieve that desired result.


ACCESS SIG - MARCH 16, 2011 Wednesday, 6:30-8:30, 2nd floor of the Regnier Center @ JCCC


Billie Lenz, presenter

From the Access Solutions Tips, Tricks, and Secrets from Microsoft Access MVPs book

Tip 15:   Simulating drag-and-drop in Access forms

Tip 16:   Providing Visual Feedback for Drag-and-Drop


This presentation will show you how to go from a million buttons on a form and using tons of Macros to 2 list boxes and 2 lines of VBA code.   

Naming convention wisdom will also be addressed.


The February 16, 2011. Access SIG meeting 6:30 PM in the Regnier Bldg, 2nd Floor, Johnson County Community College.


Level 1:

Lisa Friedrichsen of JCCC will present:  Using Hyperlink fields and labels


Level 2:

Jim Watkins of Heritage Computing will present: Tip #42 Document Management Using Access

(from the Access Solutions by Microsoft MVPs textbook)